Concrete skatepark DESIGN

Precision Skate Parks design philosophy is to provide innovative, practical and achievable design solutions derived through an understanding of site characteristics, industry trends, and the needs of user groups, the Community and Council. Precision Skate Parks have assembled a design team that consists of qualified design professionals, former and current skate professionals, and an experienced construction advisor.

An important trend and future direction in skatepark design is for the multi-use of facilities. Skateparks are now being designed or redesigned to enable use by a variety of user groups including skateboarders, bikers, skaters and scooters. Precision Skate Parks has embraced this trend in both design and construction methodologies.

Our designs include support infrastructure, inviting landscapes, passive and active recreation opportunities and areas that encourage visitation by other community members.

Precision Skate Parks believes each facility should be considered a community and youth precinct, which will promote pride and ownership among the local community ensuring this important social gathering space will serve a diverse range of users.