Skatepark Construction

This method provides the most flexibility in terms of design, and offers the best skating surface. The associated construction methodology has been perfected by Precision Skate Parks, who have been building skate parks since 2004. The construction phase of the project is carefully managed, with the implementation of quality assurance plans, environmental protection documents, Health and Safety documents, site management plans, ongoing risk assessments, and a formal site handover.

The most important aspect of Precision Skate Parks methodology is that the same professional construction team is present on all projects. Michael Haley, the company director, is the site foreman present during all construction phases, which ensures delivery of a high quality skate park with attention to quality and durability.  Precision Skate Parks has experience in the construction of all skatepark styles to support its varied design approach, which insures the facility is built as per the final plans without any overruns or variations.

A measure of Precision Skate Parks construction expertise is its involvement in developing construction methods for sites with poor geotechnical qualities. Precision Skate Parks has worked closely with structural and geotechnical engineers to provide solutions that include sub-grade rehabilitation and pavement strengthening, and alternative structural design components such as reinforced joints, slab thickening, and transition zone strengthening.

Precision Skate Parks have a well established reputation with Local Government organisations for delivering projects in a timely and efficient manner with a high degree of client satisfaction.

Precision Skate Parks are now manufacturing custom made concrete coping tiles made to order.  Contact us for more information.